DNMAC Diary /

Please find below a list of dates for DNMAC's matches, events and meetings.

Club Meetings

Information about the Club Meetings will be included in the Club book. The Club holds 3 general meetings a year and numerous committee meetings.

The AGM is to take place on the 15th November 2018 at 8:00pm, Whaley Bridge Bowling Club. Rule changes should be presented for consideration at the September meeting

Work Parties & Closures

Work Parties & Closures will be posted in the blog, facebook pages, forum and on venue noticeboards, some work paties will be included n the club book. We apologise for any inconvenience if a water is closed at short notice.

DNMAC Matches

No Club matches are planned at the moment.

Closed Seasons (all dates inclusive)

Closed Season 15th March 15th June Coarse fish
Closed Season 1st October 14th March Trout Non-migratory Trout
Closed Season 1st October 31st March Sea Trout, Migratory Trout

Most still waters will remain open during the close season, please consult your club book or the Fisheries Page for further information