Club Membership /

Information for joining DNMAC


DNMAC membership runs from January 1st - December 31st.
Renewals must be made before 1st March otherwise the full new member fee will be charged.
Anglers can join the Club at Club meetings or via the following outlets:

Hazel Grove Angling Centre
2 Fiveways Parade,Hazel Grove, Stockport, Telephone: 01625 858643

Before fishing you will need to sign your book confirming you have read and agree to DNMAC rules, and insert a passport size photograph

Night Fishing Permits*

From 2022 Night fishing are included in all memberships. Special rules exist for juniors wishing to night fish

Non Fishing Membership

Our insurance dictates that only members, or non members with personal insurance/committee permission e.g. work contractors, will be covered. Therefore there re a limited number of non fishing tickets available every year.

Membership Costs

The table below displays the current 2022 joining/renewing fees

Membership Category With Work Party stamp Without Work Party stamp New Member
Senior (over 18) £40 £50 £60
Disabled Consessions & OAP(Req. current Disabled/OAP EA rod license) N/A £30 £40
Junior (under 18) N/A £10 £10
Night Fishing Permit* Free Free Free
Non Fishing Membership £10 £10 £10
Replacement Book £10 £10 £10

Club History

Originally, it was thought that the Disley and New Mills Angling Club was founded in the 1950's, by a small group of anglers to enjoy the local fishing amenities. However, we have been recently informed that the club operated through the war years, 1939 - 1945, and was run by Mr.S.Newton, who held the position of Honorary Secretary administrating all the Club's rents and costs.

In 1953 the Club was considerably smaller than it is today with only two waters Disley Dam and Moorwood Reservoir.

Disley Dam, which at the time had an annual rent of 5 shillings, was stocked with approximately 50 carp (Mirror & Leather) and tench to complement the existing perch and roach.

Today Disley and New Mills Angling Club has up to 300 members and a substantial number of fisheries including beats of the local River Goyt and Sett. Anyone is welcome to join the club which offers a diverse range of angling opportunities.


Looking after the environment should always be top of the angler's priorities. To this end it is imperative that members should be constantly vigilant and report any activity or condition which they consider may pose a threat to the quality of the water, its environs and to the reputation of the Club.

Reports should be made to a member of the committee and when pollution is involved to the Environmental Agency; all contacts with the Environmental Agency shall be made known to a member of the committee.

All personal rubbish shall be removed from the site as well as any other litter you may find. Plastic materials are of particular concern due to their resistance to biological breakdown which means they can remain a hazard for many years. Plastic bags for instance can block drains and sluices; fishing line and can-holders will entangle birds and wild life ensuring a premature and unpleasant death. All plastic materials contain processing materials which will elute into the water over a number of years releasing a number of toxins. All these potential problems can easily be avoided by ensuring that all your litter is removed from the site along with any other litter you come across. Any violation of the club's rules pertaining to the use of forbidden tackle and methods will result in loss of membership.

All fish shall be returned to the water as soon as possible; ensure that when you are fishing for carp and pike that all weighing, handling gear and cameras are to hand.