River Etherow /

A varied 25+ peg stretch of the River Etherow


River Etherow

Chub and barbel inhabit this beat as well as trout and grayling giving an even more diverse range of fishing available for Club members. Due to the rivers past history of pollution incidents and the Club's desire to increase a naturalised population of fish, all fish in the river are strictly catch & release only. The river is regularly bailiffed by EA and Club officials.

The river is quite varied over DNMAC’s beat. There are long deep glides, fast shallow sections, some interesting bends and a weir pool!

Fish Species

The main species of fish in the Etherow are Chub, Barbel, Trout, Grayling, Roach & Minnows!

Water Information

As with all our waters check the News Blog and the Club Book for additional rules regarding this venue.

Open Times Fishing is allowed Dawn until Dusk
Size 25+ pegs
Season Coarse fishing June 16th - March 15th, Fly only March 16th - June 15th no fly fishing during the coarse season
Night Fishing NIght fishing allowed for permit holders (2 rods max)
Parking See Club Book for more details.
Accessibility Some swims have steep banks, as with all rivers some swims may be a distance from the nearest car park
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